Cohencidence is an independent digital media production company in Las Vegas, NV.

Joshua A. Cohen began producing short films in 2007, and officially formed Cohencidence in 2009 in preparation for his first feature. Mr. Cohen is a young professional who dedicates his life to filmmaking, serving as the chief creative and business force in the company. In the last 15 years, Mr. Cohen has written dozens of scripts, including features, shorts and serials. On various productions, he has served in such roles as Exec Producer, Line Producer, UPM, PC, Locations Scout/Manager and many other as-needed positions. In addition to producing or co-producing features, a sketch comedy TV pilot, and more than 30 commercials, shorts, music videos and corporate videos, he has also optioned projects to other production companies.

His digital cinema rental co-op, Nevada Camera & Lens, owns the only pair of 4K Arri cameras in Nevada, and can fulfill any professional film shoot’s needs.

He currently co-chairs the Nevada Film Incentive Task Force, a grass-roots organization that has just successfully lobbied to bring film tax incentives to Nevada and just launched He is one of the leading indie producers in Las Vegas, and people are eager to line up behind him to make this a movie town.

In his free time, Joshua enjoys racquetball, yoga and backgammon, and provides foster care for the Cocker Spaniel Recovery Foundation.

Cohencidence’s web development and SEO are handled by Key PA Jace Whitten, through his company Rogue Creative Studio.

If you would like to be considered for crew, PA or intern work on future projects, please email your resume.

Cohencidence Crew wrapping Flock of Meese