Cohencidence Productions LLC is celebrating its 10th Anniversary creating digital cinema content. Film is a collaborative medium, so we want to talk to you about working together on upcoming productions (yours or ours). While film-making is inherently risky, it’s a passion for which we live and bleed.

If you’re an Accredited Investor interested in Executive Producing an upcoming Cohencidental Production, please tell us about yourself, your experience, and how we may help you achieve your goals. We maintain a queue of feature film, TV & VR projects in development, or we can work together on developing  your idea, life story or star vehicle for a loved one. You can also join our exclusive list to be notified of upcoming opportunities.

Cohencidence also provides Production Services for digital cinema projects of all sizes, including matching / completion funds, budgeting, local production liaison, crew management, gear, rentals, locations, permits, tax credit services with guaranteed  buyers, or anything else you might need. We helped create our state’s film tax incentive program, and have worked on several incentivized productions since then. Whether it’s in Nevada or beyond, please tell us about your production, what you have, what you need, and what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you are a screenwriter who needs help moving your project to the next level (script analysis, critique, editing or re-write), please check out our unsolicited submissions policy, and then contact us with how we can assist.