COHENCIDENCE PRODUCTIONS, LLC develops original content in-house, and provides production services to Las Vegas and beyond. Please review Producer Joshua A. Cohen‘s Demo Reels from 2010 & 2016, sister company Nevada Camera & Lens LLC, and our new 8-figure Nevada Film Tax Credit

LONGFORM CONTENT Genre Budget / Type Status / Distribution Position
7 Days Alive Action Thriller $40M Chinese TV Series (84 day shoot) Post Associate Producer,      Location Scout & Mgr
STARF*CKER #MeToo Dark Comedy <$1M Indie Feature Post Co-Writer, Producer, EP, Line Producer, UPM, Locations
Eli Roth’s “Lake Mead Found Footage Horror / Thriller $2.4M Indie Post Associate Producer
Red Herring Neo-Noir Murder Mystery <$1M Indie 2015 – Indican Co-Writer, Producer, EP, Line Producer, UPM, Locations

Trail Dance Film Fest,

Kinolit Film Fest,

Follow Your Dreams Films Fest


Freedom Film Fest,

Follow Your Dreams Films Fest

Nominated, Best Narrative Feature, Desert Rocks Film & Music Event 6 Other Official Selections
The Trust Thriller $10M Indie 2015 – Highland Tax Credit Consultant
Mall Cop: Blart 2 Comedy $30M Studio 2015 – Sony 2nd Unit Prod. Supervisor
Alongside Night Action / Thriller <$1M Indie 2014 Aerial Unit Director
Counterpunch Boxing Biopic <$1M Indie 2011 – Lionsgate Co-Production
Flock of Meese Sketch Comedy <$1M Indie TV Pilot & Webseries 2011 Head Writer, Producer, EP, Line Producer, UPM, Locations
SHORT CONTENT Genre Type Status / Release Position
“Aletha’s Art” Road Trip Short Post Director, Producer,
Co-Writer, Cinematographer
Gartner Agency High Fashion Video Shoot Post Locations
Tristan Style High Fashion Photo Shoot 2018 UPM
Top Trending Bollywood Music Video 2017 UPM, Locations, Background Casting
Russell Athletics/
Las Vegas 51’s
Narrative Ad Promo Spot 2017 Production Coordinator
Award Winner
Kelsea Ballerini &
CMA Awards
Promos / Interstitials Press Junket Interviews 2017 – Disney Production Coordinator
“The Great Race”
(Short version)
Dog Sledding Movie Proof of Concept 2017 Co-Producer
“The Candidate” Comedy 48 Hour Short 2016 Writer
Legend of Master Legend Comedy Feature Promo 2016 –     Amazon Prime Local Prod. Consultant
SB Watches Comedy 2 Commercials 2016 UPM, AD
Grey Advertising’s

US Nat’l Parks Foundation

Narrative Spot National PSA 2015 UPM, Locations, Casting
Award Winner
“Red Herring Prologue Thriller/Suspense Short 2015 Writer, Producer
Film Is Working Political Interviews 2015 Writer, Producer
Pranking Rachel Supernatural Comedy/Thriller Sizzle / Proof of Concept 2015 Assoc. Producer
“Vision Source” Interviews Internal / Industrial 2015 Producer
Pathos” & “Eduard Bio Tragedy & Comedy Project Greenlight 2014 – HBO Co-Writer,
Co-Director, Producer
Top 10%
“Yo Soy Lucy Flores“ Political Commercial 2014 EP
Hooters International Video/Photo Shoot Swimsuit Pageant 2014 Field Producer
Teiken Gym Sports Commercial 2014 Associate Producer
Velocity Local CGI Commercial 2013 Writer, Producer
NV Film Incentive Political ENG/Testimonials 2013 Producer
LiveDeal Mobile App Commercial 2012 Writer, Producer
Soul Side In – “Invincible Vampire Rock Music Video 2011 Producer
“Ouncers” Talk Show Webserial Pilot 2010 Writer, Producer, Host
“The Depot” Crime Comedy Short Film 2010 Producer
Blackwidow25” / LiveComix War Drama Animation Proof of Concept 2010 Producer
“First Order of Business” Adult Comedy Short Film 2010 Writer, Producer
Admission Horror/Thriller Short Film 2010 Writer, EP
“Bummer” Buddy Comedy Short Film 2010 EP
Highdro – “I Hate My Job Hip Hop Music Video 2010 Co-Producer
“No More Help” Zombie Thriller Short Film 2009 Producer
Turn of Fate Metaphysical Drama / Suspense Short Film 2009 Writer, EP
Award Winner
Majestic Peak Corporate Video Corporate Video 2009 Writer, Producer
“Patient Zero” Sci-Fi / Suspense Short Film 2009 Writer, Producer, EP
Award Winner
“Missing Pieces” Drama Short Film 2009 Writer, Producer, EP
The Proposition Adult Comedy Short Film 2008 Co-Director, Writer, Producer, EP
“Daycare” Suspense / Thriller Short Film 2008 Writer, Producer, EP
“Envysion” Horror / Suspense Short Film 2008 Writer, Producer, EP
“The Shocking” Horror Short Film 2008 Writer, Producer, EP
“All Growns Up” Comedy / Satire Short Film 2007 Writer, Producer, EP
“Fertility” Horror Short Film 2007 Writer, Producer, EP