Cohencidence Productions, LLC is a leader in the Las Vegas independent film & television community.

Beyond spearheading the effort to bring film tax incentives to Nevada, we are also busy producing the best independent screen content in the state. Our credits include: 

Features Genre Type Status / Release Date
“STARF*CKER” Dark Comedy Indie Post Co-Writer, Producer, EP
Eli Roth’s “Lake Mead” Horror / Thriller Indie Post Assoc. Producer
Legend of Master Legend Comedy Amazon Feature 2016 Local Prod. Consultant
“Red Herring” Neo-Noir Murder Mystery Indie 2015 Co-Writer, Producer, EP, Line Producer, UPM, Locations, Casting
The Trust Thriller Indie 2015 Tax Credit Consultant
Sony’s “Mall Cop 2” Comedy Studio 2015 2nd Unit Prod. Sup.
“Alongside Night” Action/Thriller Indie 2014 Aerial Unit Director
“Counterpunch” Boxing Biopic Indie 2011 Co-Production
“The Demigods of Sin” Confidential Assignment Pilot Writing Writer, EP
“SE3D” Sci-Fi / Horror 3D or VR Feature Development Writer
“visceral” Sci-Fi / Action Studio or Indie Development Writer
“Nova” Sci-Fi / Disaster Indie or MOW Development Writer
“The 50-Year Suicide” Dark Satire Studio or Indie Development Writer
“In Fishy Waters” Anti-Faith Dramedy Indie Development Writer
Short Content Genre Type Status / Release Position
Disney Country Radio CMA Star Interviews Interstitials 2017 Production Coordinator
“Aletha’s Art” Road Trip Short Post Director, Producer, Co-Writer, Cinematographer
“The Great Race” (short version) Dog Sledding Movie Proof of Concept 2017 Co-Producer
“The Candidate” Comedy 48 Hour Short 2016 Writer
SB Watches Comedy 2 Commercials 2016 UPM, AD
Grey Advertising’s                US Nat’l Parks Foundation 60-Sec Spot National PSA 2015 UPM, Locations, Casting
“Red Herring Prologue Thriller/Suspense Short 2015 Writer, Producer
“Film Is Working” Political Interviews 2015 Writer, Producer
“Pranking Rachel” TBD Feature Sizzle / Proof of Concept 2015 Assoc. Producer
“Vision Source” Interviews Internal / Industrial 2015 Producer
“Pathos” & “Eduard Bio” Tragedy & Comedy Project Greenlight          (Top 200) 2014 Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Director
“Yo Soy Lucy Flores” Political Commercial 2014 Exec. Producer
Hooters International Video/Photo Shoot Swimsuit Pageant 2014 Field Producer
Teiken Gym Sports Commercial 2014 Associate Producer
Velocity Local CGI Commercial 2013 Writer, Producer
NV Film Incentive Political ENG/Testimonials 2013 Producer
LiveDeal Mobile App Commercial 2012 Writer, Producer
“Flock of Meese” Sketch Comedy TV Pilot & Webseries 2011 Writer, Producer
Soul Side In – “Invincible” Vampire Rock Music Video 2011 Producer
“Ouncers” Talk Show Webserial Pilot 2010 Host, Writer, Producer
“The Depot” Crime Comedy Short 2010 Producer
“Blackwidow25” / LiveComix War Drama Animation Proof of Concept 2010 Producer
“First Order of Business” Adult Comedy Short 2010 Writer, Producer
“Admission” Horror/Thriller Short 2010 Writer, Exec. Producer
“Bummer” Buddy Comedy Short 2010 Exec. Producer
Highdro – “I Hate My Job” Hip Hop Music Video 2010 Co-Producer
“No More Help” Zombie Thriller Short 2009 Producer
“Turn of Fate” Metaphysical Drama/Suspense Short 2009 Writer, Exec. Producer
Majestic Peak Corporate Video Corporate Video 2009 Writer, Producer
“Patient Zero” Sci-Fi/Suspense Short 2009 Writer, Producer
“Missing Pieces” Drama Short 2009 Writer, Producer
“The Proposition” Adult Comedy Short 2008 Writer, Producer, Co-Director
“Daycare” Suspense/Thriller Short 2008 Writer, Producer
“Envysion” Horror/Suspense Short 2008 Writer, Producer
“The Shocking” Horror Short 2008 Writer, Producer
“All Growns Up” Comedy/Satire Short 2007 Writer, Producer
“Fertility” Horror Short 2007 Writer, Producer