Screenwriter/Producer Joshua A. Cohen has read more than 2,500 screenplays, and written, co-written or doctored 35 scripts. To date, 6 projects have been produced, with several more in development:

Skeletons in the ClosetHorrorTerrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr, Sally Kirkland, Udo Kier, Louis MandylorTerrence & Mira Howard, Al Bravo & Koji Steven Sakai
Black WarrantBuddy ActionTom Berenger, Cam GigandetD. Glase Lomond & Michael Pare
Starf*cker#HimToo Dark ComedyJames Russo, Blake Clark, Andy Dick, Erik FellowsMark David & Joshua Maker Clark
Flock of MeeseSketch Comedy / SatireRJ Feher, Corey Glynn & Heather Scott
Red HerringNeo-Noir Murder MysteryVincent Pastore, Holly Valance, Wanderlei SilvaRussell Grin
METHOD ScreenwritingInstructional

Joshua has several more specs ready. He is also available for assignment work on our your concept, screenplay or writing staff. Please email with details on your project and how I can help.