Cohencidence develops a queue of award-winning screenplays.

We no longer accept unsolicited submissions. The only instances we will look at outside projects include:

  • Projects that already have funding, a star or director attached
  • Screenwriters looking for
    • 1 Reading + 1 Page Basic Coverage ($100 for 1 week turnaround)
    • 2 Readings + 2 Pages Analysis & Constructive Suggestions ($200 for 2-week turnaround)
    • Page-by-Page Redline Notes ($300 for 3-week turnaround)
    • Add $50 to any option for rush delivery in half the time.

To continue, please contact us with details about your project, what you have, what you’re looking for, and where to send the PayPal invoice. You may also find our Red Flags article useful.

We never accept pitches by phone or snail mail.

Thank you!

– The Cohencidental Development Team