Cohencidence is now accepting outside screenplay submissions for potential development. Cohencidental productions will be shot on Arri 4K cameras in and around Las Vegas. Most will be in the $1M-10M range. Release on DVD/Blu-Ray, VOD & Internet are assured, but our goal is always to make theatrical quality films. Compensation for the right script can include an option payment, purchase, hiring and/or back-end participation, all TBD.

If you feel your script does not meet the following guidelines, we are available on an assignment basis to develop, revise, doctor, polish or spice up your idea or script.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Screenplays should be feature-length, preferably 85-100 pages. In general, we are looking for scripts and roles that would appeal to A-list stars. Union or non-union writers are welcome.

2. We are open to most genres and cross-genre projects. We’re more interested in your characters, their arcs, and their impact on the worlds around them. The darker, the better. We dig stories about people or ideas that can ultimately help society evolve. Our favorite genres include:

  • Character-driven sci-fi. We like space and we like the future. Bonus if it’s in limited locations, like “Moon” or “Below”
  • Post-modern fantasies (“Unbreakable” or “Being John Malkovich”)
  • Suspense, like “Mr. Brooks” or “Running Scared” (2006)
  • Intelligent comedy (“Igby Goes Down,” “Wag the Dog,” “Grosse Pointe Blank”)
  • Intelligent horror or creature (“Alien” or “Sixth Sense”)
  • Historical fiction or biographical (“Quills” or “Children of the Revolution”) We would especially like to read something on Ovid.
  • Scripts set in or around a casino (“Croupier” or “The Cooler”)
  • Personal dramas with far-reaching impact, like “The King’s Speech” or “Fight Club”
  • Mockumentary (anything by Christopher Guest)
  • Unproduced play, poem or book adaptations, especially from Antiquities (send your spec script, not just your ideas on how to adapt the source material)
  • Other genres may be considered, especially if your project comes with financing or stars attached. Target ratings can be G through NC-17.
  • The only genre we will NOT consider is faith-based.

3. We are already working on many of our own projects. By submitting anything to us, you are acknowledging that your project may be materially similar to a project we are working on or have discussed. All submissions must include a signed release form with your script’s WGA or Copyright info. If you send us something without a release form, it will be immediately and permanently deleted.

4. Screen stories can take place anywhere and in any time period. However, principal photography should occur in Southern Nevada, including Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Some b-roll and brief location travel out of state may be ok.

5. We are only interested in reading polished scripts that are in their most perfect form and ready for production. Please review this article on Red Flags that we look for as excuses to stop reading your material. Also, here’s a good article on submission etiquette.

6. If your script meets all of these requirements, please email a query with:

  • Title
  • Logline
  • Brief description of the project/story
  • List of any attachments (star, director, funding, equipment, distribution, fan base…)
  • Links to any of your footage, demo reels, samples, teasers, etc
  • If the script has won any awards, please mention them
  • Any other pertinent info or requirements you think we should know
  • Please attach the script in (.pdf) format only, along with the signed release form.
  • **Please DO NOT pitch us verbally, call us, or mail us hardcopies.**

7. We will try to read your properly-submitted project as time permits. Please do not pester us.

8. We may also consider un-written pitches if significant funding and/or a star is already committed in writing. If it isn’t in writing, it doesn’t exist. Please don’t send us anything that doesn’t exist.

Thank you for being considerate of our time. We look forward to working with you.

– The Cohencidental Crew